Everything about Kindle 2022

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Shehraj SIngh

Recently, Amazon announced thier new Basic Kindle Model which will be released on 12th October 

Here’s a quick Highlights; – Fast charging with USB-C  – A new color option: Denim – Double amount of storage: 16 GB – Brighter screen with 300 PPI display – The Dark mode enabled


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Let's Dive into it


USB-C is a new normal! It's a way faster data transfer rate and also supports Power Delivery.



The new Kindle Basic comes in a beautiful denim color. It's different from the usual black or white and gives the device a more premium look and feel.

Denim Color


The new Kindle Basic comes with 16 GB of storage. That's twice the amount of storage as the previous model and should be plenty for most people's needs.

Double the Storage


With 300 PPI display screen is much sharper and clearer display. This was a requested feature for many users and we're glad to see it finally implemented.

Brighter Screen


Finally,  the new Kindle Basic has a dark mode. This was another highly requested feature and we're happy to see it included.

Dark Mode


Unlike higher-end models, the new Kindle Basic doesn't have a flush screen. In my opinion, This makes the device look and feels cheaper than it really is.

No Flushy screen

 For someone who’s just getting into a daily reading, This model is a solid-and-free choice.