ComiXology vs Crunchyroll

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Comixology and Crunchyroll are two popular platforms that offer manga and anime content to fans worldwide.

While Crunchyroll primarily focuses on streaming anime series, Comixology provides a wide range of digital comics and manga for readers.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, content offerings, and user experience of Comixology’s manga service. We will also compare it with Crunchyroll to help you understand the key differences and determine which platform best suits your preferences.

Comixology: A Division of Amazon.com

Comixology, founded in July 2007, initially served as a comic book fan and information site. Over the years, it has evolved into a digital platform that offers a vast collection of comics and manga. In 2015, Comixology was acquired by Amazon.com, which expanded its reach and resources. Today, Comixology is a leading digital comics provider, offering both individual purchases and a subscription service called Comixology Unlimited.

Comixology has partnered with numerous publishers, including Kodansha Comics and Dark Horse, to provide readers with a diverse selection of manga titles. However, it’s important to note that major publishers like Marvel and DC have opted for their own services instead of joining Comixology Unlimited. Nevertheless, Comixology still offers a significant number of Marvel titles for borrowing and purchasing, making it an appealing platform for fans of superhero manga.

Subscription Service: Comixology Unlimited

Comixology Unlimited, launched in May 2016, is Comixology’s monthly subscription service that allows readers to access a wide range of digital comics and manga for a fixed fee. While it offers an extensive library, it’s worth noting that not all manga titles are available for borrowing immediately upon release. Unlike Crunchyroll, Comixology Unlimited does not provide simultaneous release access to the latest manga chapters. However, if you don’t mind being a couple of months behind, you can still borrow and read some popular manga series like UQ Holder.

For those who prefer to stay up to date with the latest releases, Comixology offers the option to purchase individual chapters for $0.99 each. This allows you to read the latest chapters as soon as they become available, without having to wait for the monthly borrowing availability window. However, it’s important to mention that the purchased chapters come with DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, which restricts unauthorized sharing but can be inconvenient for some readers.

Purchasing Manga on Comixology

If you prefer to own your manga collection digitally, Comixology provides a straightforward purchasing process. By creating an account and linking it to your Amazon.com account, you can easily browse and buy manga volumes or individual chapters. Not only can you purchase the latest chapters, but you can also subscribe to specific manga series to receive new chapters automatically.

For example, if you’re an avid reader of UQ Holder, you can subscribe to the series and have the latest chapter delivered to your account every month. This subscription model offers convenience and ensures that you won’t miss out on any new releases. Additionally, Comixology allows you to download your purchased manga to your mobile device or PC for offline reading, making it a flexible option for manga enthusiasts on the go.

Reading Experience: Web and App Versions

Comixology offers two primary reading options: the web reader and the app reader. The web reader provides a convenient way to read manga directly through your browser. The controls are hidden until you move your cursor to the bottom of the page, ensuring a distraction-free reading experience. The web reader also supports a “2 Pages” view, which allows you to appreciate the full art spreads in manga.

On the other hand, the app version of Comixology provides a dedicated reading experience on mobile devices. While the app offers a similar interface to the web reader, it lacks the ability to view 2-page art spreads, which may be a drawback for some manga readers. However, the app still provides a serviceable reading experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite manga and comics on the go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Comixology Manga Service

Comixology’s manga service has several advantages that make it an attractive option for manga enthusiasts. Firstly, the platform offers a vast selection of manga titles, including popular series from various publishers. This ensures that readers have access to a diverse range of genres and storylines. Additionally, Comixology’s partnership with Amazon.com provides a seamless purchasing experience for users who already have an Amazon account.

Comixology’s subscription service, Comixology Unlimited, offers excellent value for readers who want to explore a wide range of manga titles. It allows users to borrow and read multiple manga series for a fixed monthly fee, providing a cost-effective solution for avid manga readers. Moreover, the option to purchase individual chapters ensures that readers can stay up to date with the latest releases without waiting for the borrowing availability window.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. While Comixology Unlimited offers a substantial library, it does not provide simultaneous access to all manga chapters upon release. This means that readers may have to wait for a certain period before being able to borrow the latest chapters. Additionally, the DRM protection on purchased chapters can be a hindrance for readers who prefer a more flexible reading experience without restrictions.

Comparison with Crunchyroll

Now, let’s compare Comixology’s manga service with Crunchyroll, a popular anime streaming platform. While both platforms cater to fans of manga and anime, they differ in their primary focus and content offerings. Crunchyroll primarily specializes in streaming anime series, providing a vast library of licensed content for subscribers. On the other hand, Comixology focuses on digital comics and manga, offering a broader range of titles from various publishers.

In terms of manga availability, Crunchyroll primarily focuses on providing manga chapters simultaneously with their release in Japan. This allows readers to stay up to date with their favorite series and avoid spoilers. In contrast, Comixology’s manga service may have a delay in the availability of the latest chapters for borrowing. However, Comixology does offer the advantage of purchasing individual chapters for immediate access, which is not available on Crunchyroll.


In conclusion, Comixology’s manga service offers a comprehensive platform for manga enthusiasts to explore and enjoy a vast collection of titles. Whether you choose to subscribe to Comixology Unlimited for a wide range of borrowing options or purchase individual chapters for immediate access, Comixology provides a convenient and user-friendly experience. While there are some limitations, such as delayed borrowing availability and DRM protection, the platform still offers a valuable resource for manga readers.

When comparing Comixology with Crunchyroll, it’s essential to consider your preferences and priorities. If you prioritize simultaneous manga releases and a broader range of anime content, Crunchyroll may be the better choice. However, if you prefer a wide selection of digital comics and manga, along with the option to purchase individual chapters, Comixology’s manga service is worth considering. Ultimately, both platforms cater to different aspects of manga and anime fandom, providing unique experiences for their respective audiences.

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