How to Manually Update Your Kindle

A new Kindle update arrived, but you can’t wait for your device to automatically push it? You can manually do it, too. Here is how

Method 1: Updating Kindle Firmware via Settings

The first method we’ll explore is updating your Kindle firmware through the device settings. Follow these simple steps to manually update your Kindle:

  1. Tap anywhere on the screen of your Kindle and select the downward-facing arrow at the top section.
  2. From the menu, tap on “All Settings” > “Device Options” > “Advanced Options.”
  3. Look for the “Update Your Kindle” option and tap on it. If your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi, it will begin the firmware update process.

Note: If the “Update Your Kindle” button appears greyed out, your Kindle has not downloaded the latest upgrade or is already running the latest firmware version.

Method 2: Updating Kindle Firmware via PC

Before doing all the processes, check your device’s version. Go to settings > three dots (on top) > Device Info. Note down the latest version, Now;

  1. Go to the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Software Updates page
  2. Find your device model and currently listed update number
  3. If the update new update is available then click on the download software update link
  4. Once the update file is downloaded, connect your Kindle with your computer.
  5. Put the file inside the root directory. Once it’s done unplug the kindle device
  6. Now, Open Settings page of the kindle
  7. Click on the three dots, go to Update your Kindle and click on it
  8. The option “Update Your Kindle” will appear. Click on it

That’s all, your Kindle will be updated to the latest version. Have any doughts? Lemme know in the comments sections below

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