The reMarkable 2 Tablet: A Comprehensive Review

In today’s digital age, finding the perfect balance between analog and digital tools can be a challenge.

The reMarkable 2 tablet aims to bridge that gap by offering a unique writing experience that mimics the feel of pen and paper while providing the convenience of digital note-taking.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the features, performance, and value proposition of the reMarkable 2 tablet.

Design and Build

The reMarkable 2 tablet boasts a slim and elegant design, measuring a mere 0.19 inches in thickness. Its compact dimensions of 7 3/8 inches by 9 5/8 inches make it highly portable and easy to carry around. Weighing just 0.89 pounds, it is remarkably lightweight, ensuring that you can comfortably use it for extended periods without fatigue.

The tablet’s 10.3-inch CANVAS display, with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 and 226 DPI, offers an impressive paper-like surface friction, making writing and drawing on the screen feel natural. It excels in direct sunlight, allowing for clear visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. The slight lag in pen responsiveness is present, but it becomes less noticeable with regular use.

Writing and Note-Taking Experience

The reMarkable 2 tablet truly shines when it comes to its writing and note-taking capabilities. The tablet comes with 47 built-in page layouts, offering a variety of templates to suit different needs, including checklists, sheet music, ruled pages, and a grid of dots. This versatility allows you to customize your notes and drawings according to your preferences.

The stylus, known as the Marker, offers 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, providing a precise and fluid writing experience. The tablet’s E Ink technology closely emulates the feeling of writing on paper, both in terms of grip and texture. While there is a minimal lag between pen strokes, it does not significantly impact the overall writing experience.

One notable feature of the reMarkable 2 tablet is its handwriting-to-text conversion capability. Although the accuracy of the conversion may vary depending on handwriting styles, it offers a convenient way to transform handwritten notes into editable digital text. However, with advancements in speech-to-text technology, the need for handwriting-to-text conversion may be diminished for some users.

Connectivity and Cloud Integration

The reMarkable 2 tablet connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, allowing for seamless interaction with its companion apps and software updates. However, it is worth noting that the tablet’s Wi-Fi signal strength may be weaker compared to other devices, limiting its range and connectivity in certain environments.

The tablet offers a cloud-based service called Connect, which facilitates backups and file access across multiple devices. The basic Connect service is free for the first year, with subsequent subscription options available at $2.99 per month. The service provides unlimited cloud storage, full desktop syncing, and three years of hardware protection. While the Connect service offers convenience, it is important to note that it only allows read-only access to synced files, limiting the ability to edit documents on the go.

Battery Life and Storage

With its efficient power management, the reMarkable 2 tablet boasts an impressive battery life of up to two weeks on a single charge. This extended battery life ensures that you can rely on the tablet for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. The tablet’s 8 GB internal storage provides ample space for storing your notes, documents, and ebooks. However, it is worth considering that the tablet does not support expandable storage options.

Pricing and Value Proposition

One of the key factors to consider when evaluating the reMarkable 2 tablet is its pricing and value proposition. The tablet itself is priced competitively at $299, offering a more accessible entry point compared to its initial launch price. The Marker, which is essential for writing and drawing on the tablet, is available separately at a price of $79. For those seeking additional features, the Marker Plus, priced at $129, includes an eraser on the end. While the tablet and stylus combination may seem expensive, it is important to consider the unique writing experience and the tablet’s niche positioning between analog and digital tools.

Comparison to Other Tablets

When comparing the reMarkable 2 tablet to other tablets on the market, such as the iPad mini, it is important to recognize the distinct differences in functionality and purpose. The iPad mini, with its wide range of apps and features, offers a more comprehensive tablet experience, catering to various needs beyond note-taking. However, the reMarkable 2 tablet excels in its primary function of providing a paper-like writing experience, making it a standout choice for individuals who prioritize handwriting and drawing capabilities.


In conclusion, the reMarkable 2 tablet offers a unique and compelling proposition for those seeking a digital note-taking solution that closely emulates the experience of pen and paper. With its slim design, impressive writing capabilities, and improved pricing, the reMarkable 2 tablet is a worthy investment for individuals who value the tactile feel of analog tools combined with the convenience of digital technology. While it may not offer the full range of features found in traditional tablets, its specialized focus on note-taking and writing sets it apart as a reliable companion for those who prioritize these functions.

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