How to Setup Calibre with Gmail [Step-By-Step Guide]

Discover how to integrate Calibre with your Gmail account.


Note: Make sure you’ve enabled 2 step verification for your Gmail account before creating a Gmail app. If you don’t know, here is the guide to do that

Step #1: Create a Google App

You need to generate a google app password in order to create integration between Calibre and Gmail. Here is how to do that;

Here is the official guide from google to generate an app password but here are the basics:

1. Go to Google Account > Security > Under “Signing in to Google” select App Passwords

Now, You may be asked to enter your account password. After that,

2. Select the app you want to generate a password for (for this case “Mail”)

creating google app password

3. Select the device you’re operating your Calibre software on. For me, It’s Windows

3. Click “Generate”

4. Copy the generated password and paste it into the notepad for something for the next step

Step #2: Configure Calibre with your Gmail account

1. Open Calibre, go to “Preferences”

2. Under “Sharing” > Click on “Sharing books by email”

3. Over here enter your Kindle email address if haven’t done

screenshot of calibre email integration page

4. Enter your email, and add email server details as shown below

Host Name:
Port: 587
Username: Your Gmail Address
Password: App Password 
Encryption: TLS

You can click the test email button to check if everything is working. If you get an error, make sure to check your app password and 2-step verification settings.

5. Click on Apply button

That’s it! Now you can start emailing books from Calibre to your Kindle.

Let me know If you face any difficulty in the comments section below. Hope it helps 🙂

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