How to read the Washington Post on Kindle (Within 5 Mins)

It’s easier than ever to read the Washington Post on your Kindle.

In fact, you can even get a digital subscription that will allow you to read the paper offline. Here’s how:

1. Click here to go to the Washington Post Digital Edition subscription on Amazon.

2. Either you can get the current edition or select the monthly plan to get the paper delivered to your Kindle every morning.

3. Click on the “Buy Now” button and sign in with your Amazon account information.

3. After you subscribe, head to your Kindle’s Home screen and select the “Newspaper” icon. Your Washington Post will begin downloading.

4. Once it’s done, just tap on the title to begin reading. That’s it! You can now keep up with all

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a digital subscription cost?

The cost of a digital subscription varies from time to time. As of now, The monthly plan costs $5.99/month whereas the single edition costs 35 cents.

Can you read the Washington Post on your PC?

Yes, you can read the Washington Post on your PC by signing up for a digital subscription.

How do I get the Washington Post on my Kindle Fire?

Refer to this link for subscribing to Washington Post on Kindle Fire-

How do I stop my digital subscription?

Simply go ahead to the ‘Memberships & Subscriptions’ page on Amazon and select the ‘Washington Post’ title.

From there, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription

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