How to convert a book into Bionic Reading format

This method applies to third-party books that have been downloaded in the .docx, .epub, .rtf, .rtfd, and .txt format. After conversion, These books can either be sideloaded onto your Kindle via USB or emailed as an attachment directly to your device.

Here is how you convert normal books into a bionic reading format

1. Go to this conversion tool built by Bionic-Reading.com

2. Select the second option, Upload the file from my computer

4. Once the file is uploaded, It may take a few moments to format

5. When the file is finished formatting, you will be able to download it in either the .epub or .pdf format

Download whichever you like, You can use something like Calibre to convert your pdf into azw3 which is an Amazon-supported format 🙂

Note: I’m also working on a method to convert a kindle book into the bionic reading format. I’ll update this post when it’s done.

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  1. Omigosh, did you ever get a Kindle book to successfully convert into the bionic reading format? I have my books in the Kindle reader for the cloud bc I don’t have an actual Kindle . When I try to copy/paste the Kindle reader book into the Bionic Reading web app, it takes me to an unusable Amazon sign in page. I also have no luck w/the Chrome extension. PLEASE tell me you have a way for me to read by Kindle books in this format on my desktop app!


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