Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen) Vs. Signature Edition – Review

Upfront Conclusion: If you require more audiobook storage capacity or have a larger virtual library, the Signature Edition’s 32GB of storage is a significant advantage. The automatic light adjustment and wireless charging are additional perks that enhance the reading experience.

However, if you primarily read e-books and don’t need the extra storage, the regular Kindle Paperwhite offers excellent value for money.

Feeling uncertain? Don’t worry. In this post, I’ll provide an in-depth comparison of both editions to help you make a more informed decision quickly. Let’s dive right in…

Kindle Paperwhite Standard Vs. Signature Edition

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Auto-adjusting light
Editors Choice
41W9hXc5STL. SL500
Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen)
8, 16, 32 GB
Auto-adjusting light
Higher Variant
51N5CsWCIBL. AC SL1000
Kindle Signature Edition
32 GB
Auto-adjusting light
USB-C and Wireless Charging

Note: I’ll be using the standard word edition to address normal Kindle paperwhite


Kindle Paperwhite standard edition comes with 8GB of storage, which is enough for carrying 500+ books on it.

This might not be enough for some people who want to store a lot of audiobooks or manga on their Kindle.

The Signature edition could be their best choice due to its 32 GB storage.

But, If you’re a reader like me who loves to have his device clean and organized, 8GB will be enough. Generally, I carry 20-30 books on my Kindle which take less than 100 MB of storage.

Detailed Post: [Storage Showdown] Kindle 8 GB vs.16 GB vs. 32 GB

Wireless Charging

Kindle’s battery lasts for weeks; you can charge your device within 25-30 minutes. In a normal use case, You’re not going to charge your Kindle more than once or twice a month.

Considering this scenario, wireless charging doesn’t make a big difference to the deal.

Wireless charging is not as fast as the USB-C cable. For me, It’s a very useless feature.

Additionally, You can’t charge your Kindle with a normal wireless charger due to its size. You need to buy a separate charger designed for Kindle.

Honestly, You shouldn’t care about this particular feature at all.

If you do, refer to this video for detailed information about this…

Eminent Light Sensor

This feature attracts a lot of people to go for the signature edition.

It can be a handy feature on cloudy days or a place with a crappy light where you must keep adjusting the brightness.

But this doesn’t make much difference if you’re reading in one place.

I THOUGHT I MISSED THIS FEATURE when I got my standard edition Kindle. Now I realized that It doesn’t make much of a difference in my reading experience.

At last, If you keep shifting your reading location, then having the signature edition will make sense for you.


If you’re living in a country where you can buy Kindle with ads or no ads, this section applies to you.

The signature edition doesn’t come up with any kind of advertisements at all. Whereas you have a choice with the standard edition: With Ads or Without Ads

Where you’ve to pay about $20 extra to remove advertisements.

If you’re thinking of a standard edition with no ads but also want extra features like more storage, a light sensor, or whatever.

I recommend going with Signature Edition because you’ll only have to put in 20-30 bucks for those extra functionalities…

Although You can also get rid of ads for absolutely free (just by asking Amazon support politely), that depends on your luck.

Learn More:

Which Kindle is right for you?

I think added features are “nice to have” but not essential. If you want a Kindle for reading and don’t mind the ads, go for the standard edition.

If you want a Kindle with no ads and a few added features, go for the Kindle Signature edition.

Hope this post helped you make a decision!

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  1. I have a Signature edition Kindle 11 and cannot charge it. I thought all connector cords for kindle would work. They apparently do not. How can I charge my Signature edition? I have an oasis, and a compact (Traveller?).

    • Are you using USB-C? because all other kindles expect New paperwhite uses micro USB even Oasis uses micro usb


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