Kindle Users and Usage Statistics

Kindle is a widely used e-reader device that allows users to read books electronically. Amazon first introduced it in 2007 and since then it has gained immense popularity all over the world.

As of 2021, there are more than 30 million active Kindle users in the United States alone. The number of Kindle devices sold globally is estimated to be around 150 million.

Read on to find all of the latest Kindle statistics in 2022:

Kindle Statistics

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  • Amazon Kindle has over 30 million active users in the United States alone
  • Amazon Kindle holds 72% of the e-reader market.
  • Amazon has sold between 20 million and 90 million Kindles
  • 33.7% of users said they spend 60-90 mins daily reading on a kindle, whereas 5.3% do less than 10 mins
  • Only 23.9% spend more than 30 mins to 60 mins daily reading on a kindle, while 23.9% spend 10-20 mins daily on the device.
  • The average Kindle lasts for over 5 years, and the average user has over 30 books on their Kindle at a time.
  • 72.14% of users use open-source software called Calibre for managing their books

Kindle Market Size

The e-reader market is dominated by Amazon Kindle, which holds 72% of the market share. Barnes & Noble, Nook follows close behind with 10%, while alternative apps make up the remaining 18%.

pie chart of ereader marketshare

Kindle Unlimited

The average Kindle lifespan is more than 5 years, with most users choosing to replace their devices after experiencing a significant drop in performance.

statistic showing average  life span of a kindle
  • In the Reddit survey of 715+ Kindle users, 30.93% of respondents use the Kindle Unlimited service, which offers unlimited access to over 1 million titles for a monthly subscription fee.
kindle unlimited users survey

E-book Management

When it comes to managing their e-books, 72.14% of users utilize open-source software called Calibre for organizing and managing their Kindle library.

Kindle Reading Stats (Time Spent)

When it comes to daily reading habits, 33.7% of users said they spend 60-90 minutes daily reading on a kindle, whereas 5.3% do less than 10 minutes.

Only 23.9% spend more than 30 minutes to 60 minutes daily reading on a kindle, while 23.9% spend 10-20 mins daily on the device

how much time kindle reader spent while reading

This shows that the majority of Kindle users are avid readers and use their devices regularly for reading purposes…

Other Studies

  • 4.33% of Kindle users prefer screen protectors over their basic cover whereas the remaining 95.67% love covers
  • 85.82% users Kindle users have flown with their device at least once
  • 72.88% of users prefer the new Kindle Paperwhite (11th gen) over their oasis model

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