Can You Read Manga on Kobo? 4 Ways to Get Them

Yes, reading manga on a Kobo is quite a treat! I enjoy diving into series like Naruto, Death Note, and even the classic Fullmetal Alchemist on my Kobo.

While some might find the process slightly complex, I’m here to guide you through it.Here are four ways to get manga on your Kobo.

4 Ways to Get Your Manga on Kobo

Kobo eBook Store

Kobo does offer a pretty great selection of manga titles through its own eBook store. You can buy digital copies of manga books, or you can rent them through the Kobo Plus Reading subscription service.

Kobo Plus Reading service is an unlimited subscription service that provides access to a wide range of titles. For a monthly charge, subscribers can read as many books as they want, keep them for as long as they want, and read them on any device with the Kobo app.

Popular manga like Naruto, Attack on Titan and Death Note are available under this service.


Similar to the Amazon Kindle, Kobo also has a partnership with OverDrive known as Libby. This service allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries directly from your Kobo device – a perfect option for those on a budget or looking to rent rather than buy.

It’s worth noting though that Overdrive’s service may depend on your local library’s setup. So, if you live outside the US, do verify if your library supports OverDrive or its app, Libby.

Buy DRM-free Content

Manga sites like Project Honto, Ebookjapan, and Book Walker provide manga in DRM-free formats which you can buy and then convert into Kobo-supported format using software like Calibre.

This is a bit technical, but it gives you a much wider range of manga books. Also, DRM-free means you truly own the manga book and can access it on different devices, not just Kobo.

Rakuten (For Japanese Readers)

Rakuten is a great source of manga for Japanese readers. It’s a marketplace with a vast selection of manga titles. Conveniently, Rakuten is also the parent company of Kobo, so the integration is seamless.

These are 4 options for you to get manga onto your Kobo, opening up thousands and millions of pages of joy!

Beginners Suggestions: If you’re new to manga, here are some popular recommendations by genre:

  • Adventure: “Dragon Ball”
  • Fantasy: “Bleach”
  • Action: “Naruto”

With these tips, you can start reading manga on your Kobo. Enjoy the multitude of worlds ready for you to explore!

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